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Ok folks here's the update on the weekend play. For Sat, Nov 24, there will be a limited time night game Sunday being regular scheduled missions. When we get more info in regards to at "schedule" for Sat night, this will get updated.

Also, there might be a change in pricing for entry, stay tuned

However, this is a Field Paint Only event with paint prices starting at $35 a case

Due to situation beyond HSP's control, camping space will NOT be available Sat night.
Prizes and Raffle drawing at the event!

Typically we do not give out the missions in advance. However, since it is a night game, we felt for the safety of the players and to get things going on the field, we are posting up the night mission only! As the time gets closer to the event date, there may be alterations to the mission parameters.

Saturday, Nov 24 Night Game:
Markers will be chronoed at 240 fps or lower.
All hits count! (Bounces, breaks, on your equipment, on your marker, etc).
If you have night vision, you may use them.
Players will not be allowed to wear chemlights.
No grenades or rocket launchers.
Surrender rule is in effect.
Any physical confrontation of any kind will result in immediate expulsion from the game and from the park with no refunds, with all parties involved! NO EXCEPTIONS!

Terrorists Objective:
Terrorist will be given at least 30 minutes to set up “booby traps” on the field. (prep time can change at game time)
*“Booby traps” must be approved by game producers and field management
*Terrorist will start with all 4 fields with flags in each field already on their color by a chemstick. (representing ownership)
*The Terrorists main objective is to protect their territories.
*The Terrorists secondary objective is to protect their “Runner” and his “Case”

The Runner’s objective:
*The Runner will start at the central hub that is in the middle of all four fields and will have a ref with him/her at all times.
*The ref at the center hub will give the Runner a list in which that Runner will have to go to the flag stations in order. (For example, the Runner must go to Apocalypse, Forbidden City, Lunar Wars then Mad Max.)
*The ref at each flag station will sign off on the list, as long as it is in the correct order. If the runner goes out of order, that ref will not sign it.
*When all 4 flag stations have been signed off, in order, the runner must return to the central hub for that list to be turned in and to get another list.
*Correctly, completed sequences are the only way that the Terrorists will earn points.
*The runner can only be eliminated by a barrel tag or a trap/mine. *Any paintball hits from a marker on the runner do not count.
*The runner cannot have any way to eliminate their opponent (no marker, grenades, suicide vest, etc).
*The case will stay with the runner til the mission ends. The case cannot be handed off to another player to continue the mission. If the runner drops or loses the case and still proceeds to the flag station, the ref will not sign off and no points will be earned.

Coalition Objectives:
Coalition forces will sit tight for the time that the Terrorists will be setting up and NOT allowed on the field, on the observation decks or any way to view the Terrorist forces as they are staging on the field. If any Coalition forces are caught observing the Terrorist as they are staging, that player will be ejected from the night game. When the game starts, the Coalition forces will be allowed to enter the field through ANY entrances possible (Main central hub, Lunar Wars, Apocalypse, Korea, Forbidden City, etc.).
*When the mission starts, the Coalition forces must bring in a flag to create their own spawn/rally point onto the field. If this spot is NOT created and held, then the Coalition forces CANNOT respawn on the field.
*If a Coalition player can barrel tag the runner, then that player, the Runner and the ref with the runner, will return to the center hub, where the Runner will turn in the current list. The Coalition player can then tag back in at the Coalition respawn point. The runner will wait 5 minutes with the hub ref before re-inserting. During the wait time, the hub ref will give the runner a new list.
*If the Coalition takes one of the 4 Terrorist flags, then the points generated from those flags go to the Coalition, unless the Terrorist can get that flag back.

Terrorist respawn at any of their 4 flags, as long as it is their color. Coalition respawns at their flag and any other flag they have taken over. Timed insertions will be determined by total number of players attending.

At the beginning of the mission, at all entrances into the field, there will be an established “safe zone” to give the Coalition a chance to come onto the field without the worry of coming into a wall of paint thru a fatal funnel.

If there are any questions, please post up or pm me on here.
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