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Originally Posted by capitalpaintball View Post
I never understood the complaints on the ICD barrel thread. Hands down my favorite thread. so quick you could remove-squeegee-replace before the cocker guy got his half off.

As an ICD dealer and a Creek shooter we always had a variety of barrels. every popular barrel company at the time made an ICD threaded one.
Armson, Dye, Smart Parts, Lapco, J&J and even some of the less then stellar barrel distributors like Pmi, National Paintball, Taso had ICD threaded.
I still have Armsons, J&J and a Dye in my Cabinet.

Certain stores (who will be left unnamed) were to lazy to order barrels for them. costumers would come in and say "****** paintball said they don't make Dye/Smart Parts/other barrels in ICD threads" Liars. I would just lay a pile of different ones on the counter.

I wish they never switched to Cocker threads on the 04 Bushmasters,Promasters and Freestyle.
I've never measured that thread OD. Do you think it would take a freak insert? People down here really don't know what to make of 'cats. A brass insert in the stock barrel would really step up the sleeper mode.
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