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Heinous, feel free to discuss anything that happened during your visit.

I wasn't annoyed, I just had some people holding calls for me that i needed catch. glad you enjoyed visit, you should have taken me up on the offer to shoot the EMR5 on full auto with first strikes. now that is cool, a waste of money but still cool.
lol ok.

yeah i wish i could stay too, but i made it to the campground just before dark. had i stayed longer i would have to set up my tent in pitch black.

but yeah, the pump stroke is a little stiff, but it's also a new gun not broken in yet. other than that they got plans to try selling the panel grips in the picture lmartin posted, as well as some other aftermarket parts that you guys already asked about.

also, i just realized after leaving, how cool it would be to have a picatinny 10 round horizontal spring feed on the top, with its own picatinny rail on its top side to retain compatibility for sights and other add ons. hell you can make it 20+ rounds so that it'll extend over the barrel and look like a really mean shotgun!

but i like the gun the way it is too. i was never a fan for side tube feeds.

lou said he wants to include a velocity adjuster, which is great news for me, i got 5+ nelsons and still don't have one of those adjusters. i've just been swapping springs this whole time...
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