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well, all i have left to share are mostly just prototype problems, and i didn't think that would be fair to the final product.

one gun has a damaged detent and the pumping action seized when the early prototype mag got in its way. but the other newer gun worked fine, so they must have already got a fix.

it's gonna come with the same grooved wraparound grips that came with my old tl-x that i really hated, but they are standard 45 grips so you can just slap on a pair of your favorites. not to mention i already said lou's got a pair he wants to test the market with.

he also wants to look into rounding out some corners on the polymer frame for better ergonomics. he also wants to see what can be done with a smaller pump handle to save weight.

construction was very tight and solid. nothing wiggled.

to change feeding method you just unscrew the screw that keeps the breech in place and then twist the breech 180. i can see it being very easy to engineer a quicker method since it's all on a picatinny rail.

i remember asking lou what he thought about making something similar to the azodin pump, and he said a universal pump kit would be a lot of work, given the small differences between the spyders, so they opted to just make a plain another pump gun. i think they made a very good choice with this decision.

i think a winning note is that the rail is metal. i don't know what it is, but i just find plastic rails to look really really cheap no matter how tough it is. the picatinny on this gun is part of the body, which is metal, which is good.

that's about it. i have a very good feeling with this pump gun. my favorite color is still black though.

oh yeah, i got a catalog from lou, the 2 accessories that really caught my eye was a sopmod stock for their blowbacks (you know, their OTHER gun that shoots first strikes) and they are also coming up with picatinny front and rear flip up sights, it says they are adjustable for windage and elevation and has 2 apertures.
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