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hehehe, it is sooooooo much fun to shoot that VM! right before I got zombiefied in that game I had moved up to one of the shipping containers and nearly face planted into a zombie inside

and we both missed each other from mere inches - I seriously jumped from surprise, and as I was staggering backwards I just lit off a string of fire into that shipping container and the noise . . . the oh so glorious noise of that VM banging shots into that sheetmetal at that range was so intoxicating I just stood there pouring fire into that container from 20ft away

and got shot because, well, that was dumb! LOL

then once I was zombified I basically thought, "hmmm, what would a Reaver do?"


that was fun

heh, there was an instance earlier in the day on one of my solo attacks on the castle where I was just walking up that road to it, because well I was a zombie so why the heck not . . . when I spotted a guy in the chaparral and scrub brush. I just started walking at him and when I was about 20-30ft away he suddenly noticed me coming at him so I yelled at him to surrender. He did, and just as he did his buddy stood up like 20ft behind him - spotted me and started to swing on me to fire

I snapped one shot past the just surrendered guy's head and into his buddy behind him . . . that poor dude who just surrendered about shat himself! Dude thought I was going to shoot him regardless till he realized I had shot his friend.
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I agree with Don.
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don is on the path to everlasting coolness
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OMG boobs, beers and Chad Thompson. Nothing could be better.
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