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Hahaha that's great Don! I pulled a few shots inside the shipping containers too, they made the karni make such sweet noises. I'm trying to imagine what ruckus you were creating.

Edit: I'm also surprised at how quiet the kba was. I pulled a shot past one guy and landed a hit on his friend. They didn't know where it came from. I surrendered the one I didn't shoot from 20 feet. It's amazing how a little porting on a Sheridan changes the sound signature. The one I been piecing together makes a nice loud "POOMP" with no porting. The kba has about an inch and a half of porting (?) and it had a nice whoosh sound.

My two kills with the kba were sweet. One square in the back, the other center mass in the guys chest. So awesome. I don't care how many times I got lit up, those were satisfying.

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