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Got a chance to play with one that Will from Valken brought down to Quickshot on Sunday. Compared to a mech'd Ion, the trigger pull is substantially lighter, and that's with the spring still in the grip and completely unadjusted from stock. I imagine with no spring it would be awesome.

I too encountered a slight leak every now and again that would stop on the next couple of shots, didn't have time or the motivation to tear it down for an inspection but every new gun has its issues so I'm not overly concerned about it since I know GOG will deal with any issues.

In spite of the leak, still managed to get 4 pods and a hopper out of a 48/4500 tank at 275ish fps. This was with my Deadlywind and a .682 insert, not the stock barrel. For an unbalanced spool with no QEV, that's pretty damn impressive in my book.

Had a great time playing with it and will definitely be picking up one for myself as soon as I can.
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