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aim eblade autococker

this is one of the nicest eblades around it shoots ropes and has a very easy sweet spot to hit this is one my personal guns so it has been taken care of when i got it from a friend they went too camp blanding had a blast but they used some paint that if the paint was on the gun too long it actual at the anno but other than that it would be consider 9/10 the spot is right in front of the feedneck to where the barrel screws in but i would rate it 8/10 now because of that so now for some
red/black fade
ANS jackhammer reg
frontblock all ans
skull theme if you really want them( all skulls 225.00 shipped) other wise dont ask me too part them out this is not up for debate
you can not find them anywhere at all if it doesn't go with the gun it don't go

well i'll say 450.00 shipped payment thru paypal
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