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Brass and Wood Fan
Neat, but not quite.

I should post a picture of my Tac One for reference.

It is Mini'd and Midgited? The body and the rail have been shortened and milled out. It needs a VA that uses two screws, which complicates things.

I guess another option is to get a new rail, but then I lose some of the cool milling...But I gain the ablility to pump mill it!

Edit! Looking through some of the other stuff on Lukes sight, I found a few more options.

A 15* VA would do it. But I don't really want that kind of look, but I could live with it.

A spacer between the rail and the VA would work too! Spacer and longer screws and I am good to go!...Now, off to find a spacer of some kind...Anyone got any ideas?

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