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Originally Posted by Luckless View Post
Ah, wasn't it William, the older half brother of Bill Adama who died? The Resurrection in Caprica is different from that of the later BSG. BSG is true resurrection, while the Caprica one is merely a general copy, a false resurrection, which could have been played on very nicely in later seasons as it was explored more.
This is correct, from what I remember (I just finished watching Caprica for the first time a few weeks ago). In the final episode they specifically mention that Joseph's second son is named "William" after his deceased older brother (stating that it's Tauron tradition or something).

Also, it's pretty clear the "resurrection program" Zoey invents isn't really resurrection in the same sense the cylons have in the reimagined series. It just makes a copy of someone's personality within "V-world." When Zoey made her own avatar with the program she intentionally left out specific details of herself, making V-world Zoey a unique person (or whatever she was). I think the idea was to present a way for cylon's to have become sentient without the general human population realizing it. And also to provide an origin for the cylon religon.
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