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Originally Posted by Spider! View Post
The burst disk function is down on the face of the fitting. Trimming off the top will not affect it's function. The thing you have to worry about is taking too much off and not being able to get the blown assembly out.

Ninja or someone had a burst disk holder that used an allen key. Maybe that's on a Raptor Rex? If you could find that fitting and the old two piece CO2 disk that matches, you would have a flush fitting. Did you check with Guerrilla? An allen key assembly sounds reasonable (someone should be making one).
Yeah, I am not worried about filing down the top of a normal burst disk. I don't even need to file too much as it only has to clear a very small area.

Guerrilla makes a "Pro Burst Disk" which uses an Allen key, but it is designed for 4500psi tanks...and they refuse to answer any emails I send them...

I will have to look into the Ninja line.

Originally Posted by alphasniper View Post
Custom Products Tank Regulator Extender - Dust Black

I use one of these on my 13ci tank to make it a little longer. Adds about an inch, should let you clear the burst disc
That looks like it could work. Does it work with CO2 tanks as well as HPA?
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