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Originally Posted by Rage 01 View Post
I think what is going to happen is with pro-tec/vans stores around the world, you will more than likely find dye selling their brands in there as well. Why not cut out the the middle man. It makes sense to combine dye snow, now dye protec into one retail store. Maybe even Dye paintball as well. I know as a retail pro shop Dye is really pushing the MAP pricing. What better way to ensure the their high end stuff stays that way. Open your own stores. You might as well buy a company that is all ready known for high end stuff and have the stores in place.

Just my 2 cents worth.
Agreed. I'd like to see Dye push to become a more household name. By branching out into other sports they will inevitably bring more back into paintball. Having a reputation for quality products is the best way to improve your customer base.
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