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Cleaning up my PGP

So seeing as how my PGP has been collecting dust with a blown face seal, I figure it is about time to get to work on stripping, polishing, and upgrading 'er from its former stock condition. It will be my first time brassing up a marker, but I am confident in what materials I need and how I will go about doing so. If anyone has any tips for getting a purrrty brass shine and the best way to protect it, please let me know!

This is what I am considering for upgrades:
  • Fast change
  • RVA
  • Palmer's 12g seal kit w/ Dyna valve
  • New hammer spring
  • Speed feed
  • Titus delrin bolt/speed demon bolt... or perhaps a Gen. Joe's Centerfire (undecided so far)
  • Palmer's wedge stock via UMB (will I need a long sear pin?)
  • SP wood grips on the way!
  • 2.5 inch barrel extension

And I think that's about it! I don't plan to send it to Palmer's just yet for wedgits and barrel honing; I know it would be worth the money, but rollouts and accuracy have not been a major problem with my PGP so far.

Here are the current photos!

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