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Originally Posted by bigbthebenji View Post
We were sponsored by legends, and I'd stay away from them. When they shoot nicely, they rip, but they are finicky. I remember one tournament we had every single gun go down (we had gotten them all brand new a month or so prior). I mean every other ball was chopping. This was good paint, perfectly round, not too brittle, and everyone else at the tournament was shooting the same paint with no problem. Even if it needed tuning, etc, a brand new gun shouldn't go down like that, period. Air up an eclipse/dye gun and they rip out of the box no problem. I've also had maybe 5-6 other legends. HK, prototype, V1, v2 etc. Didn't fall in love with any of them. The good news is you can find legends regularly at or under $200 nowadays.
I've also seen nothing but trouble from people using them I know or the one time I used one for a day when they had just come out. I think warpig has a review of one on their site: WARPIG - World And Regional Paintball Information Guide although imho I'd say they were a bit generous in it. frankly I've never been much of a fan when it comes to fasor systems (much rather go with a truly/fully electro pneumatic setup). I mean, I'd take an xvalved or retro mag or even a 68 mag with a lvl10 bolt over any fasor, any day, any type of play. I wouldn't recommend buying an infinity unless you get a really, really good price on it - and even then make sure you use a rotor or fast ff hopper AND set the board's cap at 13-15bps
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