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Originally Posted by usagi_tetsu View Post
The wife and I run v2 Legends with the Tadao boards. They're easy to take care of because they have all of one moving o-ring. They have stock attachments, 'cocker threaded barrels, and take common detentes. As long as you don't try to take them apart wrong and damage the fragile eye wires - which is unnecessary as all you need to do for maintenance is remove the bolt, take out the rear grip frame screw, and pull out the bottom tube plug to lube the one o-ring - they're almost as reliable as my Tippmann Model 98 Custom.

benji - were yours the Tadao or the WAS board models? I'm trying to think of what could have gone wrong with any Legend, and that's the only thing I can think of. They have one reg and it's the CP reg that's practically bullet proof, the 'noids are off the shelf, and like I said, they have one o-ring that needs infrequent lubing and that's it.

toy - we feed ours with 12v Revvys when we don't feel like the opposition deserves high rates of fire, and the anti-chop system never misses a beat. Of course, we keep ours on semi-auto only, 10bps, eyes on, mostly because we really never need more than that.
We had both tadao and WAS boards running in different guns. Each gun was custom made for the team. Maybe it was a bad batch, but it turned me off from legends and I can't recommend them. As I recall, they also had triggers that were hard to take the bounce out of, and I did not like the ergonomics of the trigger frame. We were using them for tournaments and doing high rates of fire, but that is what they are supposed to be for, and they failed. We all sold our guns within a couple months because no one could figure out why they shot so badly. Remember, we are an hour from WArped and had jingle and glen tune them up for us regularly but they still shot badly...

I did have one really nice shooting HK legend though, but that was the only one I'd want back. I'd go with a nice 2k5 timmy or 06 ego instead.

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