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Originally Posted by HurtCow View Post
But then this happened:
-Happened to us, too.

There was a junkyard just outside of town, right alongside the highway. Old cars, junked bulldozers, a collapsed mobile home, an old log cabin crammed full of junk, piles of of building materials that were covered with moss...

It made for a great field.

The group thought they had permission. Apparently the son had asked his dad if they could play there, and dad had apparently assumed "they" meant maybe four or five friends, and said okay.

However, granddad actually owned the place, and took offense to thirty-some-odd people showing up, and possibly damaging the old cars he was going to fix up one of these days (and which had six-inch diameter trees growing through. )

He showed up with a State Trooper, and was pissed off. Apparently the only thing that kept the game organizers from being arrested was the fact that yes, they did technically have permission. (I found out about it at the last minute, and was only there with my camera getting pictures. Gramps threatened to have it confiscated as "evidence", though. The trooper kind of rolled his eyes at that... )

Anyway, we wound up the game- there were still two dozen people on the woods when the guy showed up- and everybody packed up and left. Kind of a pity, as it was, as I said, a great place to play, but I do also understand the old guy's point of view.

'Course, about two years later, the property was cleared of all the junk (almost all of it going to the scrap-metal recycler) and put up for sale. I figure that grandpa passed away, so the family had it cleaned out so it could be sold.

Now, as for places I'd like to play in, how about Fort Jefferson? It's a huge pre-Civil-war island fort 70 miles off the coast of Florida. Miles of hallways, hundreds of rooms, dozens of buildings. Hold the scenario game to end all scenario games.

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