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vice/marq tadao oled, box-o-ion parts, timmy parts lot,cocker

paypal only
US only
my items working unless stated otherwise below

since most items listed needs work everything is sold as is

1. tadao oled for vice/marqs
-screen is pretty much dead
-works (pulled from my old victory)
-(not sure if its usb or not)

price 60 shipped and pp'd

2. box-o-ion stuff
-1 blackheart board (turns on and chirps)
-2 stock boards (turns on and chrips
-1 stock board that noid is not assembled
-bascially what u see is what u get
- there will be another stock barrel with it

price for all 70 shipped and pp'd
add another 10 for the red ul back (692)

3. alias timmy lot
-everything u see in the picture
-tadao board works but is not flashed (battery harness is still connected to the molex connector)
-noid i believe is missing one of the small pins inside
-lpr i know works
-there is a ram in the sleeve
-eyes work

price- 70 shipped and pp'd

-prostock body (press fit feedneck)
-back block is jb welded to pump arm
-stock internals
-hyper 2 reg (its missing one orignal shim but i used a hyper 3 shim in its place, it regulates pressure)
-ccm bolt and pin
-just missing an asa
-it cycles and fires but will need to be timed properly and sweet spotted

price-120 shipped and pp'd
my feedback
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