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I have been following that thread but staying out of it because I have no relevant info to add.

I feel though that, like most things, speedball and other forms of paintball will initially explode because it is so new. Then when the novelty wears off it will settle into it's equilibrium in the sport. I doubt it is declining, just not expanding as fast as it once was.

As for what to do when bord. I agree, switch it up. Be that in your physical location ( I tried hard this year to get my team to move... Limited success). I tried a new game format, the gravity league style tourney (great success there!). I have an open class gun, a stock class gun, and added a semi and I have cycled through them throughout the year just to keep things different from day to day.

If you are used to playing with a semi or electro or open class gun then gearing down may be a challenge that can help. But if you are using a stock class gun all the time it can be just as fun to take a bigger gun on the field every once and a while just for a change. Even if it is only to prove to yourself that you still prefer your other gun.

Next year I plan to travel a bit more. Definitely put on more gravity league games. continue to cycle through my current guns. And generally try to mix things up and keep them interesting.

One thing I am going to have to work on is getting better at speedball... Cuz I discovered this year I suck at it!
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