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Yeap...Here it is
Hey guys several of the guys that signed up never paid. I guess the interest
in Pump Play has just died way down. We will still have the field open to
play on the nice grass field 24th. However I think it's better if we just
open it up as a normal day.

Couple of the Beginners switched over to the Pro Clinic so that kind of
stopped me from trying to do a combo type event.

I will make sure the PayPal payments all get refunded and I am Happy to
provide 24th as a Half entry to help with the bad news! Just let me know who
is interested in coming out Saturday 24th and I will make sure you are set
on the 10.00 entry.

Saturday 24th Insanity D1 7 Man squad plans to be drilling and scrimmaging
and happy to play along with you guys I am sure we can find some pumps I
know we have at least 2 around to do some 4 on 4 maybe 5 on 5 if we can find
enough pumps. JAG Jon Gibson will be out and Michael the guys that were with
3KD at the AZPPL Wild West.

Feel free to Reply All and I am happy to answer questions and help any way I
can. I am going to keep trying to get Pump live again on the speedball field
and bring it back! Looks like it just going to take a little time

So FAP it is!!
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