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Originally Posted by DocsMachine View Post
AGD was the only one to ever use it, and they still use it today.

The only time they moved "away" from it was for the limited-edition all-aluminum X-Mag bodies, which, as I recall, were made by a company in the UK and shipped here for assembly at AGD.
Well, you certainly canít buy a new marker with a twistlock body from them anymore. Dunno if they still make the bodies or are just selling what stock they have left. Thereís a funny note at the end of the emag body description in their store. The markers you can actually buy from them are only Cocker threaded (ULE, Tac one).

Originally Posted by DocsMachine View Post
At the time, there was no such thing as a standard barrel. Every manufacturer had their own barrel threads- or even no threads, like the SL-68 pumps. Yes, the Sniper (soon to be 'Cocker) barrel existed, but the Sniper was the only one to use it, and there was almost no aftermarket support. The only "custom" barrel you could get at the time was a slightly longer factory barrel with ribs to make it look kind of like a Tommy Gun barrel.

AGD, on the other hand, had a system that let you remove the entire barrel and breech with just one-eighth turn. It was the fastest-to-remove barrel at the time, and arguably still is. It was a major selling point.

You seem to be wanting to accuse AGD for not knowing, some ten years in advance, what the de-facto barrel standard was going to eventually be, and making their guns harder to manufacture and more expensive, in order to accept it.
If there is no defacto standard, the options are to:
  1. Create a new standard. Thatís the great thing about standards.
  2. Pick an existing barrel. No precognition necessary, just pick one.
  3. Create a modular system which can adapt to another system.

The irony is that the twistlock could have actually been all three. AGD could have made mag2whatever adapters themselves, so Iím not talking about threading the bodies. Just make the adapters.

So imagine at inception, AGD could say, ďYou can have a cool single-piece twist-lock barrel. Or, if you want to reuse your barrel from X gun, we have a twistlock adapter for that. It still operates like a twistlock, and you can remove it like a twistlock, but you can reuse a barrel from your old gun.Ē AGD made the rest of the gun modular, but stopped at this point for some reason.

Another way to look at it is: if there were only, say, 2 guns with removable barrels, and you only picked one, you just created compatibility with possibly half of the available barrels in one stroke. And you made an opportunity to make even more money by selling these adapters. Seems like a win-win. Oh, wait, I forgot, thereís no money to be made in paintball.

Just because Iím harping on AGD doesnít mean I agree with what the other makers did. I just happen to only care about Automags for the most part.
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