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I took an English minor with my degree, and have a bunch of friends who are overly into languages. Conversations like this always seem to really amuse them.

Chili is a dried pod of species of Capsicum... Containing neither meat, nor beans.

I'm hungry and waiting for dinner, as well as bored, so I'm searching back through references in a historical recipe collection project a few of my friends have been working on, and so far all of the oldest references I've been able to find do not contain meat, but rather various options on beans. The addition of meat was a later forking of the tradition.

Anyway, some interesting sounding variants and options I'm seeing:
1. Don't use ground beef. Used chopped fast fry steak, or some other variant on non-ground beef.
1b. Mix in chopped pork or ham as well.
2. Chili stuffed dumplings/pasta (All the wonders of chili, in a finger food appetizer?)
2b. The above, but cooked into another pot of chili for double the chili goodness.
3. Large number of entries relating to various pasta and casserole like combinations. Consider if lasagne and chili had a baby...

So, I really think that the moral of the story is to get in the kitchen and have fun. Experiment, and discover new things you can do with a great dish. Tends to be a rather hard thing to make go horribly wrong.
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