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TxPPG Spring Venues choices??

There are 4 possible places that I think can we can host the south game.

1. Petty Paintball (Austin)
2. PowerPlay (Waco)
3. 5J ( Houston I-45 North)
4. Paintball Zone North (Houston Hwy 59 North)

any other suggestions or opinions on where and why??

We all know Joe and he has a good venue for the game and is very pump friendly with good reff staff.

Lots of guys from Powerplay attend and I'm sure we can expect a great host field out of Powerplay also.

5J would be renting the scenario field, last time I was there they only had 4500psi hpa fills NO CO2 paint was decent.

Zone North I have no ideal about it but they do host local scenario games but we might be to small to work a deal out with them.
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