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Originally Posted by Kanas View Post
By the way ever field I have been to has something wrong with the people and the refs, ABC paintball:refs steal, everyone who plays cheats by using full auto which is against rules. BAttle creek: Full of wipers and refs are always on their phones.... just to name two for ya.

OP, dial the throttle back a bit. I seriously doubt anyone here is actually trying to flame you. And knowing a number of the folk here as I do, the biting words are meant for instruction to build you up, not ridicule to tear you down.

It is hard, especially in the modern pop culture atmosphere that inclines everyone to make themselves and others feel good, to really endure well-meant criticism. But take it, and learn from it. That is how greatness is made.

As has been noted, if your field is truly that insuperably bad, then leave.

And if every field you visit is truly that insuperably bad, then it may be wise to reflect on the old adage that "the one consistent thing in all your bad relationships is you."

Again, this isn't meant as a dig; it is meant as a truly friendly admonition to examine your own motives and assumptions concerning the game and how you and others play it.

I truly wish you well, and hope to see you stick around here. There's little patience here for nonsense, but plenty of good folk here who are more than willing to help in any way they can.

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