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I played at a field that had a ton of people shooting full auto.
It was allowed. Was it tough playing pump and stockclass against these fine folk? You betcha. I went out and bought an used electro to keep up with everyone. Turned out I played far better and smarter with a pump. Sold the electro and went toe to toe with the players on the field.

It's paintball, someone will always have the advantage over you in some shape or form. Cheating, playing dirty, wiping hits are all unfortunate parts of this game. Some people turn a blind eye to it, and others are vocal about it because for many want this sport to be better.

If you feel outgunned in a way that you have to use other tactics to get your point across, you might want to change your game, your outlook, or maybe your perspective on paintball.

I know for several of us here, it's frowned upon for such behavior. At the end of the day, it's paintball. Your mileage will vary.
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