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WALZ Carbine Mares Leg FSR PGP Build (Completed 1-16-13)

This one started life as a pgp2 but was lonely and depressed due
to lack of use ( he remembers the old days when he was out every weekend having a blast).
When I picked him up last week for the first time in months/years
he broke down and actually cried.
I told him it was not manly to do so and asked
what the problem was.
Flat out he said, I want to be used again - make me a new
body and add some wood and a new barrel
and make me look like a western mares leg carbine to boot
and make me quick to change my air
and I don't want to worry about my front co2 plug falling out
and I want to be a first strike rifle also.
And I want a sliding breach over my feedport.
I want more, more, more...
Hanging my head in shame I agread he needed all and more...
Pictures show him proudly sporting a new barrel, under barrel, drop out slot, and with a co2 plug that can't be lost or dropped.
He now has huge transfer ports, modified valve and dyna pin.
He also has a new RVA, bored out hammer and now uses spyder springing
for a much easier and smoother cocking action.
I am still working on the sliding gate for the breach cover
and need to cut the stock also.
Going to use a modified stock pistol trigger group for the
trigger assembly as it needs the trigger moved back a bit futher
than the norm with the longer rva I'm using.
Still have a lot to go on this one but here is the start of:

"The Mares Leg Carbine FSR Rifle"

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