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This thread is funny.

I can't say I'm on either side of this debate.

there is a time and place for most dishonest things in this sport. But there is a clear difference between the sport of paintball and the game.

Most people Especially the guys that like playing around with the kind of guns that are popular on this site, enjoy the game of paintball, at least when they are shooting some nice vintage gear.

The game, be it recball woodsball, a scenario, or throw together games I feel there is no place for being dishonest, be mindful that what your doing is playing and not competing.

If your competing in a tournament/ practicing for the sport with your team or another team that you are scrimmaging with its a different animal. if your scrimmaging against a team stupid tricks like this can help you get a read on players which helps you in the actual competition that you are practicing for. Doing things like this for any other reason besides in practice or in competition I find meaningless.

Be reasonable with others when you are only playing. Getting overly upset about something like this is just as ridiculous As doing it.
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