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Originally Posted by Jello78 View Post
are you serious?! that makes no sense to me. i would have thought that both would be the same process to obtain the permit. Just out of causticity, what do the police officer shoot?
It's easier because you can't conceal a shot gun. (yes I know you can make it sawed off but those are illegal) You still have to go through the background check and finger printing etc for a firearms ID card. You just don't need another "pistol permit" to get rifles and shot guns in NJ.

New Jersey is a ****ed up state if you want to own firearms.

Currently 15 round mags are the highest capacity you're allowed for a pistol in NJ.

Police shoot whatever they want or whatever their district tells them they have to use. Most police will use .40 or larger calibers for their main sidearm.

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