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Originally Posted by Feyd View Post
When scenario ball got big around 05/06 you started to see this type or gray area BS, while it's not cheating it's not an honorable way to play. The Ref he's out of bounds trick to get a guy to stop shooting when he's holding a tape line so they can move up trick. I've seen that done and had it done to me.
I've seen refs who will make players who advance on neutral opponents walk back to their positions, or even call them out.

There seems to be a very different philosophy to reffing that came out of fast-paced tournament speedball- the idea that the game never stops and the ref simply checks as best he can without actually impeding the game. The older philosophy I learned was that when the ref is summoned, it's more like a ref call in football, where play effectively stops in that corner of the field until the issue is resolved. Obviously, you want this to be done as quickly as possible, because you can't stop play on the entire field, but my point is that expectations of ref behavior are very different in these two schools of thought. What looks like ref abuse may simply be a misunderstanding of which style the ref is using, and vice versa.
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