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given I never learned any other languages than a bit of spanish and korean, sadly even less polish, it would depend partly on whether the internals are in good condition (and if they are all stock or whatnot). seems a little high (normally I see 007 for like 75USD) but I don't really know too much about the value of this specific model. Also given it's not the US market, as I'd imagine these guns are much more common in the states, that might have something do to with a slightly inflated price (if it is at all, and that's assuming the sellers not based out of north america).

Interested to hear what some more knowledgeable folks say. Iono, If I was in the market I'd probably buy it for that price, especially if it's in 100% condition and/or functional. Or modified lapco internals. I'm a sucker for lapco hammers and powertubes...
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