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Pistols are great fun. My dad used to shoot competition rifles back in the 80's and I'm just myself getting into pistol shooting. Going to get my PAL with a restricted endorsement and then I'm looking at Ruger MK III in .22LR just for plinking around/club level competition shooting. Not to mention .22LR is one of the cheapest rounds ever for target shooting. I will agree though that if you have to ask about the basics you should probably take a firearms safety course first before investing. Another great way to gain experience with different pistols is guest shoots at local gun clubs. That's how I got into pistol shooting. $15 at the local club for a box of 50rds and a loaner .22 and then plink away. Did that a few times and then said well I want to get my permit so I can get my own. I will also admit club members are awesome in that they are more than willing to let guests try a mag through their guns to see if they like the fit/feel. That's how I get attracted the Ruger, a club member had one and I really like the look of the grip as it really looks like a sheridan he let me try it and it felt just like a sheridan pellet pistol I already own and love so I decided based on the feel of it and how it shot,good and straight with just a little barrel rise that that was the gun I was going to invest into. Not to mention the MK III brand new is like $300

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Pump paintball is cheaper than any drug habit I've ever heard of.

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