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Just like paintball guns, each real gun has a different feel. So you really need to try them out before you buy.

For example, glocks are great guns but, for me personally, I don't like the angle of the grip, I always have to point down, where a S&W sigma is perfect for the way I grip a gun. It is dead level when I raise it up. So that is my home defense gun (in 9mm). It is also a great low cost target gun. I've put about 800 rounds through mine so far... (course I have a target range in my backyard...).

I also recommend a .22. I personally love the Ruger Mark series. I have a Mark 1 (my grandpa's side arm in Korea) and a Mark 2. I shoot them all the time. And you can drop a groundhog easily at 75 feet with one shot, with some practice. I've put about 1,500 rounds through my .22's this year, as I really enjoy shooting them, and it is low cost.

The 1911 is a nice gun, and shoots really well, but it is a limited ammo gun, and pretty pricey to shoot.

For conceal carry, you can't beat a Kel-Tec or Ruger LCP. My pops has the sig version, and they are all nice guns in .38. Easy to conceal, and reliable.

Personally I don't like guns with safety's but again it is a personal thing...

best thing to do is take a conceal carry class, I took one with the local police department and they let me try out a bunch of guns in the shooting part. Which was really nice, as back then I didn't have the cash to buy the guns I was thinking about, just to try them out. It made me realize I didn't like the angle of the glock, and pushed me towards the S&W.
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