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Originally Posted by Kermit View Post
I have never really liked the freak system. I've always preferred my one piece barrels.

Just my two cents.
Could you give us 4 cents and comment what it is about the freak you didn't like?

I only use the freak system I have a DW and freak barrel with aa front or stifi front and 2 insert kits one stainless and the others aluminum.
When I was looking into getting a barrel kit back in 03. I looked at every barrel out there as well as read all reviews on the forums and pbreview. I knew I wanted inserts rather than different barrel backs. (can't remember why) but I'm sure reviews help make the decision. All the reviews said it was an awesome performer and accuracy was top notch.
Later on I find that for best accuracy/efficiency you want a control bore of no less than 6" (freak does) and at least 6" of porting (freak does again) got this info from cockerpunk on techpb.
Now that other barrel systems are coming available to accept freak inserts or you can have your own barrels bored for them... It just seems like the best way to go.
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