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Heinous (not to pick on you specifically, you're just an easy target with the YouTube link in your sig ), is your camera stunt really that different? It's trickery! Is it that different from 'dead man walking,' an example another poster used? The point is that it's all different levels of grey. MCB has a standard for honorable play, so gently correct and move on. (Heinous, for the record I think that the camera move was on the right side of the line and took big brass ones to pull off.)
as a short answer, i see it this way: if you do something the refs specifically say is not allowed, then you've crossed the line.

granted every field has its own rules, but a few are quite commonly agreed upon, like raising your arm and/or verbally calling out to verify you are eliminated. thus, for example: dead man walk is ok in my eyes; but dead man walk after you raised your arms or yelled "out" is not ok in my eyes.

a key part of my stunt was that i stayed completely within the rules. i started with the group, i stayed on the side line, i kept my team tape on my shoulder, etc. i could have legally done that in a walk on game and it would have been legal in the fields here, albeit it would piss off a hoard more people.

i don't know what it's like where the OP plays, but every orientation i went to here on the west coast specifically points out that players being paintchecked are not in play and should not be shot at. i imagine many other fields elsewhere have this rule as well, which would explain why the OP is getting so much flak here.
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