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I actually played here:

And not just once- it was our main (outlaw) field for several years. It's an old adjunct building to what was originally an Army Station, and later an Air Force Station. This place was well-separated from the main complex, and was part of an early pre-cold-war listening station.

Of course, when we played there, it'd long since been abandoned (the military left it to the locals in the late 70s) and heavily vandalized.

But, it had one huge central room with rows of concrete pillars (I'm guessing 100' x 120') and a dozen or more side rooms. (That had, in places, been bashed enough to pass through what had once been a solid wall.)

There were ladders to the roof, an outbuilding that had what was left of a big boiler, as well as a couple of extra storage rooms, there was what was left of an old mobile home (or possibly large Airstream type trailer) there were some air ducts big enough to walk through at a low crouch... It was dangerous with all the loose scrap metal and broken glass, but it was a blast to play in.

The whole place was surrounded by a chain-link fence, and enclosed... probably ten acres is all? Not huge, but in the summer time we'd have "full field" games with lots of sneaking. (In the winter we'd use just the interior.)

Unfortunately, we were barred from using the place after a couple of years, and a few years go, the city declared it an "attractive nuisance" and had it demolished.

Where is this? It looks familiar...
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