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Pre-Holiday Sale

Hi I am doing some closet clean out and thought I would put some stuff up for sale so others could enjoy these items, maybe as a Christmas, Chanukah or other holiday present. Please be respectful and type in English... Please Post here then PM for organization, bumps and fast response

Not interested in trades unless heavily in my favor.
Price includes shipping to the CON US and Paypaled unless other wise stated they are negotiable but please be reasonable...
Thank you for looking, Buy My Stuff

NXT Shocker: $old
Dust gun metal (dark silver) Has an Ion reg and a gloss black CP shorty, dust black Dye On/Off, Gloss black Hybrid HedLoc clamping feedneck, Dust black after market trigger (looks like Critical), Blackheart board, Freak Barrel with matching 12" AA tip incldes 1 stainless insert, "black" Dark sole like panel grips and Black Pro touch Grips, Rhino spring for the spring mod, though bolt is still stock. Gauge is broken.

$180 OBRO $old

Invert Mini: $old
Stock Gloss Black Invert Mini V1?. Dont know much about this marker, got it in a trade played a game or two with it. It has been cleaned and lubed, got some stock grips to replace the "carbon" panels and a field stripable screw added to the battery compartment. Has some regular wear and seems like the gauge needs to be replaced.

$130 OBRO $old

Evil Pimp: $old
Dust black, small leak from Solenoid(still cycles strong), gauge is broken, has 2 piece stock pipe, stock board, delrin blade trigger(plus stock), evil det reg(only ever came in gloss that I know of) or wgp dust black reg, dye on/off, dust yellow cp rail and dust red twist lock feedneck, comes with o ring kit and 5oz evil pus, Now including a Proto UL 690 back Dust red, Proto UL 14" Dust red Tip and a Dye UL Back 688 in Dust Silver

$70 OBRO $old

More pictures upon request.



Adding much more over the next few days....
6 guys, a handful of balls & a couple of strokes... Pump Play

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