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TPX Holster Tips / Lucky Mag Pouch Find

Here is the Tippman Tactical Leg Holster.

I bought my Tippman Tactical Holster when I purchased the marker. At 40 bucks it was a bit steep for a holster, but had plenty of fit and use designed for the TPX marker system. I actually have a TiPX, but for the rest of the review, will refer to the marker system as a TPX for ease of understanding. I use a TPX with a 2” longer than stock barrel (stock x7 barrel actually). Helps accuracy a ton.


I have played extensively with this holster always carrying my TPX into every game for a good while now.

Here are my thoughts/tips.

The holster itself is heavy duty and well built. Lots of pouches so that’s cool. I immediately reversed my holster to a left handed setup, and taught myself typical operation of the TPX using my left hand so I can dual wield my rifle (autococker) and pistol at the same time in close quarters combat. It’s awesome and really fun to do.

Here are my small ‘easy to do’ suggestions for your more satisfied use of this holster.

1) Get rid of the barrel plug.

The barrel plug that came on the gun is great for keeping crud out of the barrel, but you have to remove it after you unholster the gun, or remove it at the start of a game. When I had my TPX in the holster un-plugged dirt would get up the barrel. I have had times where I unholstered my pistol only to find an inch of mud up the barrel… not fun. Plus the scratches on the barrel as seen below…

Solution, Attach a barrel condom to the holster itself. This keeps debris out of the barrel when your crawling/sliding, and as it’s attached to the holster, the gun automatically unsheaths itself when it is drawn, ready to be fired!

I attach mine to the holster in an easy and removable manner as such…

This pouch was meant for a TPX clip, but I choose not to store mine there (I’ll get there later). Instead I use this flap to secure the barrel condom and also to keep my battle-swab in there… easy to pull out/access, and its never fallen out (you can tighten the holsters grip on the swab with the movable Velcro patch there).

Some problems with the holster: Despite two heavy duty buttons and a ton of Velcro on the belt attachment, it has come off twice when I was running. This has resulted in the holster itself ‘sliding’ down onto my boot.

Twice now, the lower leg strap has come unclipped from the back of the holster and slid down my foot to be kicked off unknowingly. I’ve had to scour the field for that damned leg strap.

2) Crossover your leg straps like so…

This not only secures the holster better to you leg, but it puts the lower straps pressure on the sewn part of the holster, not on the removable button on the bottom of the holster. This prevents the lower strap from coming loose and being lost during combat.

I actually had the belt part come unattached a 2nd time once, and this x-crossover arrangement of the leg straps actually held the holster on my leg. The 1st time it happened it slid down my leg when I was using the straps separate as suggested.

Hope those small tips help!

As to clips, I got lucky and came across an old sony camera pouch. I reinforced it with zip ties to go around my belt and gave it a Velcro extention to be tall enough to close well. Holds 3 mags

See ya on the field!
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