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Is coyote good to eat?
that reminds me, last weekend i was in my tent and i felt one bump against my pinkie toe in my sleep. feels bad man.

we were in that parking lot at the field and we knew there were wild coyotes that would come in at night, especially after we had a huge barbeque. so like 4 in the mornimg i heard the boxer guard dog bark and figured the coyotes must be here now. thought nothing of it, went back to sleep, then the other dog squealed... accompanied by light footsteps that were much too fast for a bumbling human at night, but still sounded soft like walking.

i was pretty sure they are coyotes now, but still they were expected, so i thought nothing of it again and went back to sleep, then suddenly something poked my pinkie toe which was up against the tent fabric because the tent is dome shaped with not much leg room.

that woke me up good. whee was using my tent but i knew it wasn't him because he was sleeping on my other side. so i woke him up and then took my knife out, pretty much just slept with my pocket knife in my hands until morning. i couldn't trust just a thin layer of nylon. in fact i felt pretty vulnerable the whole time because i didn't realize how restricted my movement was in the sleeping bag... until i got spooked by that poking.

so in the morning i did a circle around my tent, but didn't find any animal prints of any kind at all. on the other hand it couldn't have been one of us, because my tent was in a corner of the lot, nobody would walk by it on his way to the bathroom. so i'm pretty sure it wasn't human, but not sure what animal it was either...
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