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Originally Posted by The Flounder View Post
Just call it Amish class. Nothing electric.

VERY nice! Dunno why I didn't think of that - much better than Steam Punk.

Originally Posted by mikeds80 View Post
Sounds like you just invented the early 90s.
I know! FREAKY how they stole my idea back then!
It's the really just best compromise I could find that really put everyone on an equal footing equipment-wise, and forced the players to "Play".

Marmaduke - Valuable and insightful input, but you're coming at this from the wrong direction. The point is to slow the game down a bit. Faster than pump or stock, slower than full-on electro; a middle ground. And as Falcon_16 said "Really would encourage movement and tactics over firepower" - but to a lesser extent than Stock-class.
Originally Posted by Marmaduke View Post
Good luck to Falcon16 with that cheap Tippmann's stock barrel trying to even hit the bunker his opponent is behind.
Stock barrel? Oh no... I don't think there would be many of those But I see where you are going. It's easy to spend as much on a barrel as it is for an inexpensive gun. Still, I've shot some nice groups out of a stock barrel - you just never know.

James_Blond - I had considered that (and it would be a great equalizer), but "hopper-ball" and limited paint already have their advocates. This is just for the lowly blowback. Hey, I'm even cutting my favorite gun out of this (ICD Desert Fox). And if you don't have a BB, they are really inexpensive (even new -see below).

Falcon-16 - limiting this to hopper-ball would be excellent (and preferred), but I didn't want to push the paradigm too hard. Talk about a cheap tourney series: A 5-man team would use a case every 2 games, if they all shot every ball they had in each game. Times is tough... A blue-collar paintball series might have some appeal...

Stilgar - I agree, limited paint is AWESOME (it is how I always play). But I felt a valuable part of our history was being ignored. Blow-backs are still pretty cool guns and are still fun to play with - so why not make them the centerpiece of a competition? Besides (like I said earlier) there are bazillions of the darn things out there looking for gainful employment.

So I did a quick bit of "research" to see what the entry-level cost would be for this sort of Class, versus the standard class of electro-semi and pump. What I did not do was look at "TOP END" gear, as the result would have been a massive price difference. I just looked at a basic "Amish" setup vs a common, inexpensive electro. I have no idea what loader eNVy-users buy, or even HPA tank they prefer, so I selected stuff that was "moderately priced" (I could have gone a bit lower, or a LOT higher - same for the pump-class gun). I didn't include masks or barrels because they throw in WAY too many variables (but a barrel for an eNVy costs the same as the barrel for a Spyder or 'Cocker or Tippmann, so it's really moot anyway).

GOG eNVy: $200
Agitator Hopper: $40 (Empire Overdrive)
HPA Tank: $60 (PMI 72/3000)
Total: $260

Kingman Spyder Victor: $60
Basic Hopper: $4
20 oz CO2 tank: $20
Total: $84
I would have to change the rule to allow double triggers [shrug].

Azodin Kaos: $180
Basic Hopper: $4
4 oz CO2 tank: $13
Total: $197

At any rate, any discussion is a good discussion.
"Sorry, I'm programmed to do that..."

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