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My wife and I bought our first home together almost two years ago. I have a condo that bought when I was single. The company that our builder used was terrible. After we had made the deal, agreed to the down payment, and signed the paperwork and paid, they call me up 6 hours before closing and say that I need $5000 more at closing. I went ballistic on them. My mother had loaned us some money to help out with the down payment. They tried to get copies of her records to prove that she had the money to give. This is after they had already cashed the check. After going round and round with the idiot on the phone I called my sale guy and told him what was going on and to fix it now. he eventually got it straightened out, they even gave him flack. Finally got our house though, and we love it. Anyone want to buy a one bedroom condo? Makes a great bachelor pad. has new carpet and hardwood floors. 882 sq ft. You can have it for what I owe, which is around $55k.
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