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Well, did the mall thing last night. It was for rapid response/ active shooter training. There would be a could bad guys inside the several officers would have to respond and locate and engage the bad guys. Only got to do it for around an hour before I had to get back to real work. We played in the food court of a local mall after hours. Unfortunately, I'm not alllowed to post any pictures of the training. I do however have this, we unfortunately did have a civilian get caught in the cross fire:

I'm told that the cow has already contacted his lawyer...

we used Alpha Blacks and Procarbines for training (and my minimag). We were shooting Rufus Dawgs low impact rubber balls. God knows how many are in the kitchens of the resteraunts. It was really fun picking up all the rounds agter each go.

Oh, and Thunder Blank grenades are GLORIOUS in inclosed areas. That really made the good guys jump and pucker lol.
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