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the whole "longer barrel shoots further" claim. it keeps getting disproven but people keep believing it because they are so desperate to have an advantage. paintballs are not bullets. in addition muzzle velocities are all set to field standards at the chrono station anyway.
You're right. Paintballs arent bullets. But remember that we're talking about FS rounds here. Not regular paintballs. We're working with an entirely different beast. Although i am kind of skeptical too about these findings, its a good idea to keep an open mind. There has been some who have done quite a bit of testing on the FS rounds, there arent a whole lot of ppl who have done it and have made their findings public. That, or FS play isnt popular to have it become common knowledge. Thus, what is regarded as common knowledge regarding FS rounds have not yet been established.
I remember when ppl first started using rifled barrels with their FS rounds. Initially many were skeptical saying that a rifled bore did nothing but create problems. Yes, that was true for regular paintballs, but not FS rounds. Apart from some fouling, rifled bores did help an FS round fly better.

IMO if what Carmatech claims is true, then im guessing the reason its going further has less to do with the gas having more space to apply force to the round but more so that the round itself is perhaps spinning more. And who says that since its going further, its shooting at a higher FPS? Perhaps its more spin?
But then again, im no expert and that is merely speculation and working under the assumption of the claim.

Its important here not to jump to conclusions. I dont know and im pretty sure you dont know what the set up they were testing with. Keep an open mind.
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