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When did you first hear about 'Mags?

Just curious AGD lovers, when did you hear about, or see, a 'Mag for the first time?

I was in 5th grade, about '92, and bought my first paintball gun magazine at the mall (Paintball Sports I believe). I instantly knew I would love this game, and I saw an advertisement illustration (not even a real picture!) of a guy shooting this gun that looked really cool. It looked clean, not all clunky/ungainly like alot of the other guns in the magazine, and it was nice and compact. Turns out it was a Automag! Fast foward a few years to my first time playing, and it just so happened that one of the experienced players who massacred my friends and I throughout the day was using a Minimag.

Even though they remained well out of my price range when I started playing all through highschool, I always continued to like 'Mags in general and still do.
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