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Practically new V3 Rotor, Halo Hopper and two nearly new Tanks!

Looking to get these sold, here they are:
Practically New Black Dye Rotor:
-No original box, but only used 2 times.
-Like new, works like a champ.
-Very little/zero wear.
-V3? (Need help here).
Price: 125 Shipped?

Some Crazy Halo/Magna/Empire Hopper?
-Need help on this one
-Green light when powered on
-Modded for 6 AA's, needs new ones (these are dead).
-"Upgraded" Back Plate
Price: 30 Shipped?

Guerilla Air 48/45 CF Tank with Myth G2 Reg:
-Could pass as new, absolutely no wear.
-Date of 3/11, Long life ahead of it!
Price: 100 Shipped

Empire 45/45 CF Stubby:
-Again, could pass as new, absolutely no wear.
-Been inside valken tank cover since day one.
-Hydro date of 2/12
-Included is valken 68/45 cover
Price: 110 Shipped

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