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I used to use PDAnet when i had my old droid x. I think the problem now is even when you have unlimited data, they're starting to cap people when you hit a certian usage level, only of my friends showed me a text he got after he hit 5gigs, said to the effect that he hit a usage level and was limited on speed, and when i say limited on speed, it droped to like MAYBE 1kbs at the fastest.

I'm not even sure if the app is avalible anymore. Also it wasn't so much of a hotspot than it was a tethering service for one computer.

And just a rant, that mobile hotspot is the biggest rip off since the coming of limited data usage for the same price as unlimited. why the hell would i want to pay 30 bucks a month for unlimtied data use on my phone which uses way less than a computer, then come back and spend another 40 bucks just for 2gigs of data for computer usage that uses way more data.

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