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Want to Help Me ID Some Cocker Parts?

Hey guys,

I know these threads are a dime-a-dozen, but if you could help me ID some parts/any other pertinent info on this cocker I would appreciate it. Thanks! I'm picking this bad boy up on Sunday, so pics are the best I got for now.

Correct me anywhere I'm wrong here, but I'll take a stab at it!

I'll start at the front block - I believe it has a Shochtech Bomb 3-way, Kapp LPR (I knew that from other pictures), a Clippard ram, and some sort of expansion chamber. What are your guys' thoughts on these pnues? Good, bad, some good some bad? I've been out of the cocker game for a few years but if memory serves me, that 3-way is pretty sick, not sure about the LPR, and I think Clippard is average/slightly above average?

Guy said it was a 98 cocker, is there anything to say that its older/newer? Not that I care all that much, but I'm hoping to have the hole in the body for hammer lug adjustment. Real old ones didn't have that, right? Also, I can use whatever valve I want? If its a pre-2k valve, I was planning on swapping it out for a 2k+ valve and playing with some Maddman springs. No problems with that plan, right?

Also, I was pretty pumped to see it has a Vigilante reg. If I recall, that's a pretty solid reg, no? And that trigger plate looks pretty gnar, I might want to swap it out with a new one. Looks to be a WGP frame, so it'd be cool using any trigger plate that I can find? My first experience with a slider frame so I'm not sure exactly what I'm in for, but that's part of why I wanted to pick it up .

Oh, and yes, I plan on cleaning her up haha.

Thanks for the help and feel free to hit me with any other thoughts you guys (and gals) might have!
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