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shocktech bomb 3-way
shocktech lpc (volumeizer)
clippard mini ram (seam as ans mini ram)
Kapp twister lpr

the pneus are decent. I would swap the ram out and then you should be set up pretty good.

I believe it's a 97 cocker because the top of the sight rail isn't slanted. The really old bodies dont have the hole for the hammer adjustment but it can standard on 97+ cockers.

You can use any valve that you want, the only think that isn't backward compatible from 2k+ to pre99 cockers are the banjo nuts

there are 2 types of trigger plates. pre 98 and post 98 so you will need to see which one you need before you buy a new one but I would just polish up you existing one.
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WTB Eclipse F1 cocker or any undrilled eclipse bodies

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