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My first high end gun was a flipping nightmare. I convinced my parents to buy me a Spyder after my Talon broke. 'The Paintball Shack' as it was called in the day was out of stock on Spyders but I was so desperate and knew my convincing skills wouldn't work a second time so I bought what they had at the time - the Diablo Joker.

I bought a red one that ended up being pretty much magenta or pink. It had a verticle bolt lever that kept getting side tracked and would stick whenever it was shot. So I took it to the shop multiple times and the tech there tried smoothing out the internals where it kept sticking. The quickpull bolt in the back to remove all the internals would stick so bad I would need a hammer and screw driver to remove it. It was just a piece of garbage.

So I returned it damaged as hell, of course I didn't get all the money back, and payed the difference for the Spyder which lasted for years and years.

So I traded the Spyder for something along the way. Someone gave me a basic right feed WGP autococker and sold it, Bought an Angel LCD which had some LPR problems and sold that, borrowed my friends guns for awhile, then I was sponsored by smart parts and got a couple of Shocker SFT's which I still have 1 of and a pump gun. Needless to say I had to fix all of these guns routinely so I'm confident that I can tech just about any gun out there. I'm way too familiar with timing autocockers....
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