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Upgraded X7 Phenom and BT TM-7 for sale

Just got these in, and as much as I like them I just purchased a unicorn so at least one has to go. With that being said, here they are:

First the phenom, I wish I knew more about it but here is what I do know:
-Brand new Empire nightstick carbon fiber barrel
-Lapco barrel in like new shape (shoots awesome, and looks amazing with shroud/suppressor).
-Mock Suppressor and a shroud for it.
-Epoxied rail combo with foregrip
-Awesome folding stock (extremely sturdy).
-Remote (missing pin, maybe I will check tomorrow).
-Spare paddles
-Two hoppers (one crazy smokestack thing).
-Some misc. bits that I have no idea what they are.

As I don't know the market value on this package, I will start it at 400 OBO (feel free to offer, please).

Next up we have a BT TM-7:
-just shot in back yard, shoots awesome!
-WGP Barrel, otherwise stock
-Small mark on asa, in no way effects anything, figured I would mention it.

Price: 210 Shipped OBO?

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