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Originally Posted by ApoC_101 View Post
wait, so you want him to start offering stainless barrel boring for aggressive pricing to offset the pain in the *** of doing it, but you won't pay a ton to make it worth his trouble... and expect others will? As if there is this big untapped market of old, stainless barrels needing to be freak bored... there really isn't. and this is going to make him successful since nobody else wants to do it?

PS, I don't know of anyone that puts those oring grooves in, for various reasons I won't bother highlighting. Good freak boring jobs are a proper fit to the insert and don't need that oring anyways, it's just adding additional work and expense into the operation.
Originally Posted by Lead-Foot View Post
Then it's a lost cause. Good luck though.

My apologies for coming across as a D bag but I was just saying that I am one interested in using a dye boomstick with freak inserts but won't spend just about the same amount as a used freak barrel and I think there is a bunch of people like me.

It seems that you are digging a moat with a shovel when it comes to stainless steel. And if someone wants a moat and you're the only one who can dig it, it doesn't matter what you use or how much you charge, so more power to you.
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