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I have purchased from WWA a number of times over the last few years with no problems. All have been from his ebay store.
So when a member on here asked me to third party some parts out of the country for him from WWA, I decided to try it. I sent Joe a message through ebay asking for a quote for many items. Not only did he get right back to me with a quote, but he gave me a great bulk discount. I made payment and quickly got a shipping confirmation from PayPal.
Well, the parts quickly arrived at my house, but once I opened it up I found it out was missing half of the order. I emailed him and didn't get a response for a couple days. He replied, apologized and promised to get the rest out right away. Four days later, still nothing. I sent him two more messages, and I received a PayPal shipping confirmation.
Today the package arrived, and it still does not include everything. It is still missing one piece. I was very clear in my earlier messages about what was missing. He still could make this right, but it amazes me how difficult this transaction was.
I like the guys products and may even purchase individual parts from him on ebay, but I think I learned my lesson about off ebay purchases.
I realize that this is not new information to many of you, but I just need to vent.
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